Hiring a Celebrity Designer Might Be More Affordable Than You Think

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Spend just 10 minutes on Decorist, a new website offering virtual design services, and you’ll see why we’re hooked. Getting a style diagnosis (I’m modern eclectic), mood boards, and a clickable shopping list for your space is cool enough, but we flipped when we discovered its celebrity design services. For $399, you can hire a designer like Tamara Honey (yep, she designed Emma Roberts’s home) to dress up your digs. Take a peek at the room Tamara designed for Decorist’s first-ever virtually designed showcase house in San Francisco!

    Mathew Rodriguez: We have decided to take today's gatherum outside of the studio. POPSUGAR Home Editor Angela Elias is showing me the first ever virtually designed showhouse and it happens to be right here in San Francisco.

    Angela Elias: That's right, so it's a brand-new decorating website called Decorist and what's really cool is that it's all interactive so you can go on to the website, they will help you find your decorating style and then they pull everything together for you.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Let's take a look. Angela, I am obsessed with this house.

    Angela Elias: Right! Me too, and I have though that this is my favorite room. I'll tell you why? It's actually designed by Tamara Honey and she has celebrity clientele, Emma Roberts is a client.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Oh okay, hello! Okay, give me a hand here and tell me about these chairs?

    Angela Elias: Okay so everybody needs a really great statement chair or two.

    Mathew Rodriguez: This is definitely a statement, no doubt about it.

    Angela Elias: Right, and how does it feel?

    Mathew Rodriguez: It's actually very comfortable, it's like you are in the palm of someone's hand.

    Angela Elias: It cups.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Okay, one thing that I have learned from you time-and-time again is that accessories are an easy way to change up any room.

    Angela Elias: Right! And it's nice because you can mix those high and low end sort of things. So I love this super eye-catching, the whole set is $39.

    00 from Town Style.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Oh, so cheap!

    Angela Elias: Right! And then you have like a really eye-catching piece like that magnifying glass.

    Mathew Rodriguez: I would be playing with it all the time.

    Angela Elias: Everyone is going to want to do that, that's from Z Gallerie.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Is it really?

    Angela Elias: Yes!

    Mathew Rodriguez: Love it!

    Angela Elias: So this is going to blow your mind, it's from Restoration Hardware.

    Mathew Rodriguez: I love that store. Everything in it.

    Angela Elias: Me too!

    Mathew Rodriguez: Okay, what other things that I have seen throughout the whole home is lots of gold.

    Angela Elias: Yes, because it really adds that glam factor to any room.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Angela, I am currently looking for a couch for my own apartment and the challenge I am having is I can't find something that's cheap enough but still cute.

    Angela Elias: Okay, well, have a seat.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Okay, right there.

    Angela Elias: You are going to like this. This couch is actually from Room & Board so really accessible and then the fun part is you can go crazy with the accessories. So we have these really soft pillows.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Uh! It's so soft, thank you!

    Angela Elias: And then of course a missoni through.

    Mathew Rodriguez: I am into this couch, but my favorite thing in this whole entire room is this disco ball, where did you get? I want one.

    Angela Elias: Okay, this is a lot of fun and actually a really cool little tit-bit. So Tamara gives her clients a disco ball and her one request is that they place it in a room in a house.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Now that is a house I want to live in.