Historic Garcia’s Seafood Market

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home to some of the world’s best seafood, Garcias Seafood Market is a family run business with tons of good eating in Miami, Florida.

    Luis Garcia: My name is Luis Garcia; this is my mother Maria Luisa Garcia. We have been in the restaurant as a family for, I would say over 40 years. My mom met my father as a fisherman in Cuba. My father came to this country after they confiscated his fishing boats and decided to come to Miami, start fresh, start new and he started the same business that he had in Cuba.

    My mom followed him here as a fifteen-year-old. She was -- dad was her love of her life and wherever he was going to go she was going to go. And so in '66 he opened up the Garcia-Brother's Hotel. After that he decided that -- he was tired selling to the restaurants so he decided that he would sell to retail. So he wanted to open a restaurant. He and his brothers who he'd brought from Cuba over the years started a business on Flagler Street called La Camaronera. But my brother and I with my mother started here in 1992.

    We have fresh locally caught seafood. We are surrounded by water, we have Stone Crabs, we have Grouper, Mahi, we have Mackerel, Kingfish, Salmon, Wahoo; these are the fish that we catch here --Maria Luis Garcia: Swordfish.

    Luis Garcia: Swordfish, we catch all these locally here by our fisherman, which we are very proud of that we continue that same business; we continue that tradition of employing fisherman and then fishing for us. And I think South Florida is a unique place in that, we have wonderful weather so we can catch fish, we have wonderful waters, the temperature of the water is just right, it's a breeding ground, we have the gold stream, it's where all the lobster goes through as it passes and comes back south. I just think that we are the gateway to the seafood business.

    We always stress that since we catch our seafood everyday and we have it fresh everyday, you just should eat it as plain and as simply as you can put it, you grab it and you put it on the grill or you put it on the fryer and you eat it.

    Luckily we are very blessed in that we have traps that my father had before us and then we inherited from him. So we have maybe 1500-2000 traps that we own as a business and the actual product stone crab is an interesting species. You are supposed to rip one claw and you are supposed to throw it back in the water and the crab, the actual crab claw grows back and so that's important sustainability.

    You know stone crab is indigenous to this area, South Florida and people come to Miami and come to South Florida just to eat it.

    Our essence, who we are as a family, is manifested itself in everything we do.