Holding the Flute

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Visnja Kosanovic from the International School of Music shows you how to hold the flute.

    Visnja Kosanovic: Hi, my name is Visnja at the International School of Music. I will talk about holding the flute, the proper position for playing the flute. What is very important that you are relaxed, especially that your hands are relaxed. So, the right hand should be transferred just from the natural position when you have the slightly curved fingers and you put your pinky on the first key of the foot-joint and place your thumb to support the flute, just under the index. You have index finger, middle and ring finger covering these three keys. The left hand should be also relaxed and natural positioned to have your thumb under this key then you skip one index finger on the second, skip another key, middle finger and ring finger, pinky is reserved for this key. When you hold the flute, flute always go starts you, not that you are putting the head towards the flute and place the mouthpiece on your lips. Elbows are relaxed and free, detached from the body. Now, I would like to talk about getting sound on the whole flute.