Holiday Bundt Cake Decoration

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bundt pan expert Jenny Dalquist demonstrates how to make festive Bundt cakes.

    Jenny Dalquist: Hi! I'm Jenny Dalquist from Nordic Ware. We're going to be running through how to bake some holiday bundt cakes, and show you a couple of fun ways to decorate cakes for the holidays and to give as gifts.

    We're going to be using a number of different pieces of equipment today, standard mixer in your kitchen, but you can also mix up a cake by hand, of course, with a bowl and a spatula. We're going to be using a sifter with some powered sugar to decorate some cakes. We're also going to make an icing bag out of a Ziploc bag so you can pipe some frosting on. We're going to be using a silicone spatula as well as a pastry brush to blend in some of our non-stick shortening.

    Today, we're going to be using a sticky toffee pudding flavored cake mix, which is just right for the holidays, but of course, you can follow along and do this with your own favorite from scratch recipe. The holiday shaped pans we're going to be baking with today are, Holiday Wreath Pan, the Holiday Tree Pan, a Holiday Mini Loaves Pan with each different designs of holiday shapes, and then just a traditional Bundt Pan.

    You don't have to worry about any special safety precautions today other than just your normal oven safety and safety that you'd use around the electrical mixer. Before we get started with baking, I just wanted to give you a little bit of background on my relation with Nordic Ware. My grandparents founded Nordic Ware in 1946 and bundt pans and bundt cakes have always been a big part of our holiday traditions together. So I wanted to share a little bit of that with you.

    Let's get started baking.