Holiday Centerpieces-Balsam, Pine & Holly Centerpiece

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional florist Suzanne Taylor demonstrates how to make holiday centerpieces including a balsam, pine and holly centerpiece.

    My name is Suzanne Taylor of Artistic Gardens, Flower Shop and Greenhouse in St. Johnsbury, Vermont and we are doing holiday center pieces and this center piece is going to be in a basket, it's a rustic one, there won't be any flowers it's all mixed greenery, berries, cones, millimeter balls, and ribbons. I will show you how to get started. Some of the things we will be using are the green florist sticks, six inch, a oasis tape, corsage tape, glass millimeter ball, pine cones on sticks. I have got artificial red berries, if you have fresh you can use those, some red number 9 velvet ribbon, white painted birch branches. For greenery we have got balsam and we have white pine. I am going to do it in a rustic brown stain basket. For that we will need a block of chloroform about a third of a block and we will soak it in water. Then we place it after it soaked, whole side down, we will put it in here and then we tape it in with the oasis tape. I use a sharp knife, some people are more comfortable with scissors, cut it off and then we start to green. When you cut up your balsam, you will notice the ends have needles, you want to strip those off so it stays where you put it, otherwise it can push itself back out. I like to use a knife but if you find that the snips are better for you and you are less afraid of cutting yourself go right ahead and use those. I also strip them with my fingers, so you'll find, it makes your hands very pitchy and then when you have it almost build, you can switch to some light pine which has a great texture, with a taller pieces. Now put our twigs in next, I have got these nice white birch branches and a lot of interesting texture to it and you can get a good amount of height to it if you like. This come all the way up to 10 feet tall at your craft center. Now for the berries, these are wired berries stick, so you can use your wire snips to just kind of little bit shorter if you need to, insert them. I am doing about a third way around. And the cones and the way they wire a cone is you take a short piece of wire, you will stick it around the bottom of the cone, twist it, and then you would add your twig, your stick, your cowie stick they call them and put it like that. And then you just insert it into your arrangements, these have already been wired to save time. Just insert it, like that, some glass millimeter ball same thing again, take the millimeter balls put the wire against the stick and just twist it down. You can do two, three one, however many you wish to. And then the ribbon, and I will make a little quick bow, you kind of pinch it. This is a red velvet so it's water-resistant, make a loop in the center, we are just going to do two on each side and then the little tails. And this is where you need your sharp scissors and we come over this way so it would be better. Cut it off like that, get your wire, put it right up through the center. Twist it tight, put it on one of these cowie sticks and I am going to make duck tail, so I take it, I close it and then I pinch it together and then I just cut it at an angle like so. And then when it opens up, now you can fluff it. Make sure it shaped properly. It's a very stiff ribbon to use and then we will stick that right in here and then you have a basket. You can add more or less to it depending upon what your tastes are, to make it match your dcor. And the next arrangement we are going to make is going to be a glass base full of greenery also quite tall, no flowers and I will show you how to do that one.