Holiday Gift Ideas For Seniors

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care provides the top holiday gift ideas for seniors.

    Mary Alexander: Hi! I'm Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care, and today I'm talking about Holiday gift ideas for seniors.

    When thinking of gifts we often focus on tangible items, such as clothing, jewelry, and electronics. But what do we get for the senior who is seemingly has everything he or she needs. How about a very valuable gift of time, tasks, or celebrations? Let's start with the gift of time.

    Sometimes all an older adult wants is companionship. You could arrange a brief visit during the day or a lunch and a dinner date. Another gift of time could be a drive to view Holiday lights or if you are short on time consider the assistance of a family friend or neighbor or the help of a professional caregiver who among many activities will share meals with your loved one and make friendly visits.

    Taking on one or more of the many holiday tasks can also be a wonderful gift for your senior loved one. For example, a shopping excursion can be made special by going to his or her favorite store. Better yet, show him/her the unbelievable array of stores and the ease of shopping online. Once the gifts are in hand offer to wrap and send the packages. You can even make the wrapping more fun by creating a mini event complete with music, hot chocolate, cookies, and family stories.

    If your senior lacks strength and balance offer to cart out and hang favorite Holiday ornaments, string lights, or put out decorations for him/her. Handwritten Holiday cards are one of the most popular traditions for seniors. Another idea is to help spend an afternoon writing their greeting cards for them.

    Another alternative gift is a celebration that reminds your senior of the meaning of the season, such as faith, family, and caring for others. For example, volunteer to assist others by helping your senior gather their supplies for a homeless shelter or take part in serving a Holiday meal. And if your senior normally attends a religious ceremony consider an early service and bring along family members to share in the time. And remember, regardless of whether you give the gift of time, tasks, or celebration; be sure to tune into your seniors limitations so they don't overdo it.