Holiday Hairstyles – Adding Accessories

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Sherri Jessee demonstrates how simple accessories can take your look from day to night. This video will show you stylish yet cost effective ways of using accessories such as feathers, headbands, ribbons, and even jewelry to create elegant evening hairstyles ready for any holiday party or special occasion.

    Nancy O'Dell: Hi everybody, I'm Nancy O'Dell Red Carpet Authority and RUSK professional hair care spokesperson. And today we're going to be discussing how to achieve some of the great holiday hair trends. And I'm going to be having a little help from celebrity hair stylist Sherri Jessee who is also the Rusk Creative Team leader and right now she is going to demonstrate to you how to incorporate accessories into your holiday hairdo.

    Sherri Jesse: We're working with just a classic black headband which you can find at any grocery store, drug store, anywhere. I'm going to tuck back insides of Jane's hair and we are going to add the headband and just right here in behind the ear area. So we're focusing her nice smooth bands into the front.

    So in the addition of just a plain headband what you can do is add in accessories on your headband and this is where it takes your own creativity. You could take feathers and add those onto your headband. You could take a little craft glue and just for the demonstration I want to show you right here I'll just use a little bobby pin.

    So we tried feathers. This is one of my favorite looks and I'm actually working with antique clip earrings. You may have some vintage ones around your house. You go to a Pawn Shop, Flea Market, any of those types of things and then you can simply take your ordinary headband, and clip on these clip-on earrings and change your look up so that you now have a decorated headband.

    So that's the final look. With her decorated headband, it's going to take her out for the holiday season. Now we're ready to take Lorene's look a step further. She has her nice braided up to, what we want to do is really dress it up with accessories. Now I showed earlier that you could work with a nice flower and simply clip that end to the shape to dress that up. You could also take some type of a broach or a pin, or another clip that you have that could accentuate the design. And but what I wanted to do for her look is really nice head something creative and I have this necklace. So draping this into the shape, so we can just use a bobby pin and pin that into the hair to keep that in on one side and then do the same thing on the other.

    Where this is kind of long we'll just allow it to drape down through the shape to really give it an elegant style. So you can see very-very easily and quickly, we were able to take her updo and make it even more special for her going out on the town.

    Nancy O'Dell: And we certainly hope that some of these holiday tips will help you to have a festive holiday season. Thanks so much for watching everybody.