Holiday Hairstyles – Day to Night look #1

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Sherri Jessee demonstrates how to dress up the style of shorter hair cut by changing the texture. This video is designed to share easy tricks in using a flat iron to create smooth, shiny hair and also to create curves and body. You will also learn how to create the desired height in the crown with the addition of gentle teasing to create a 1960’s inspired shape.

    Nancy O'Dell: Hi! Every body I am Nancy O'Dell, red carpet authority and RUSK professional hair care spokesperson. And today we are going to be talking about hot holiday hair trends with celebrity stylist Sherri Jesse who is also the creative team leader for Rusk. I am so excited because she is going to be showing us step by step how to take your look from day to night?

    Sherri Jesse: So begin, the light misting of the Hi-Pro checking spray. So I am going to begin straightening Jane's hair with a great flat iron and always making sure that I work with one that has a heat temperature gauge, so that I can choose the proper temperature for her hair type. So for here, I am working on about three hundred and fifty degrees for her fine hair. And what we are doing is just working section by section and smoothing the hair out all the way down to the ends. And in doing this, we will be able to seal in shine and really set her day look into a smooth, polished night style. So working my way around through each section and you want to take each section before you run your iron through it. And comb it out with your comb so that you have no tangles. And then you can follow the iron, pass the comb.

    So that you get a smooth as glass finish. So as I work on this on one side, then I will go around and do it on the other. Now as we work in through the crown area, for this particular style she has a nice Bob shape and we are really seeing a lot of bobs almost reminiscent of the 20's. But we want to amp it up a little bit. So to get a volume into the crown, I will work with my straightening iron and get a little bend into the hair. So working into this top section, beginning at the root area but then twisting and getting a slight bend, you see right here which will help us to emphasize a bit of height into the crown. So just a few sections right there, you can see we got a perfectly smooth result because of working with our protective heat styling spray. I like to allow the curls cool down, and then we are going to lightly brush through and then put a little bit of teasing in through the top. And this is a type of a hair dressing technique that we are beginning to see come back a little bit as we are dressing hair more. So just working and sliding the comb down in through there just to get a little bit of soft, teasing and through the crown area and go back to that same spray that I worked for heat protection and use that for soft control.

    So at that point we can take our smoothing brush. And I love to have a brush that has a combination of boar bristles and also nylon bristles that work for great smoothing your fancier styles. Just working with a very light touch. But this is a really fancy look that even you can do on yourself. So we want to finish that out with a tiny bit of a smoothing serum which will give us that extra shine. And I am going to actually mix a little bit of our Argan oil product with our flexible styling cream which will give us a little bit more hold and control and simultaneously get that shine.

    So don't be afraid to mix your styling products together. Create a little cocktail that will give us both the shine and also the control that we want. As we dust just a light veil of this product over Jennifer hair to get ultimate shine. And once we are finished with the look, little bit more of hair spray to seal that look down and she will be good for all night long. Nancy O'Dell: So that's a great look for shorter hair and up next Sherri will show you how to get a great holiday look for longer hair.

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