Holiday Hairstyles – Day to Night look #2

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Sherri Jessee demonstrates how to dress up the style of longer hair by changing the texture. You will learn the proper method how to create curls using a flat iron. You will see how to create the highly sought after glamorous waves reminiscent Old Hollywood. Finally you will see the look transformed again into and easy up-do with the creation of a braid and an elegant chignon.

    Nancy O'Dell: Hi everybody, I'm Nancy O'Dell. Red Carpet Authority and RUSK professional hair care spokesperson. And today I'm going to be discussing how to achieve some of the classic holiday hairdos that are out there today. Joining me is Sherri Jesse who is a celebrity hairstylist and also the Rusk Creative Team leader. And she was going to be demonstrating how you too can get a stylish, yet simple holiday hairdo.

    Sherri Jessee: I've begun already by working in some nice loose type of curls. A lot of times people don't know that you can actually make curls with the straightening iron. So I always like to begin first by protecting the hair with the heat protecting ironing spray or hair spray that gives us a set, nice that have holes and also protects the hair from the heat.

    And then I'm going to work with my straightening iron. And this one is great, because I can choose the temperature for the correct type of hair. And I'm going to work with about 400. Her hair is a little bit resistant, it's naturally straight. So what I'll do is start with a small section, comb it out first, so it's smooth all the way down the length of the strand.

    And then I'll take the iron and twist it 360 and holding the end of the hair and just sliding the hair down through the iron, and then when I get to the very end, give it a last bit of twist and there you can see we have a lovely, kind of spiral curl. As you can see here we're beginning to build that shape up working through with the iron creating those curls.

    Finishing up, I think I might add one more right here around the front. Actually, I'm holding the iron vertically, so we're going to get a nice vertical spiral wave. And you could choose to work with a little bit of a texturizing product and simply smooth out the curls and break them up using your fingers only. And you can see there, that gives that kind of, modern almost beachy type of a wave to the hair.

    So that would be one look that she could go with, but what a people are really desiring these days for a Hollywood look is that classic glamorous shape, reminiscent of the screen sirens of the 1930's and 40's. What you're going to do is just use a nice brush with boar bristles and give a thorough brushing to the set that you created and they're all ready.

    And that will help you to create that lovely Hollywood glamour look. I'm going to apply a little bit of a shine spray that will just finish that off, so she has gleaming golden look ready to go to any holiday party. So, what we're going to do is take this shape that we did with the nice waves and actually take it even a step further by changing it into a nice easy updo incorporating braids.

    So, I'm going to begin here on one side and I'm going to go ahead and combed hair over to the other working with a nice deep side part. And then, I will come over to the other side, because we're going to be working with like a half French braid. I'm going to begin by working with a section in the very front and splitting that into three equal sections. I'm actually going to be working with a classic braid. So going into this center, and into the center, and the next one into this center, but now for this section, I'm going to gather all the piece of hair from the back and incorporate that into my section, gathering hair from the back, straight into the center and then twisting it and gathering hair from the back right here and incorporating that into the center.

    As I'm working around, following the shape of her hairline, go ahead and gather a little bit more hair in and let's go ahead and at this point complete the braid out all the way out to the ends. I'm going to take the hair kind of, do a little bit of back combing just to secure that in. So we want the braid section to be loose and even kind of, just rub that and we'll really loosen that up.

    So now we'll take the side sections from around the back area, incorporate the braid into the ponytail and we can go ahead and band that off. You could leave that down, you could work with an accessory and just pin that in, or what you can do is take this part here and twist it up and around into a nice Low Bun or Chignon. So we're going to work with a large pin and just slide that into place. So we that have that secured in and that's the completed look.

    Nancy O'Dell: Now you know that that style is going to be a hit at your holiday party. And up next, the Sherri and I are going to be demonstrating how to incorporate accessories into your holiday hairdo.

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