Holiday Hairstyles

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video Entertainment Journalist, Nancy O’Dell and Celebrity Stylist, Sherri Jessee share secrets of how you can achieve Red Carpet worthy hair for your next holiday party or special occasion. This is the first in a video series designed for both salon professional and their clients and will provide tips and tricks for easy styling to create the coveted evening looks. This video includes and overview of the tools you will need to achieve the looks discussed.

    Nancy O'Dell: Hi! Every body I am Nancy O'Dell, Red Carpet Authority and RUSK professional hair care spokesperson. And I am very excited be sharing with you today some holiday hair dos. I am going o be joined by the fabulous SherriJesse who is a salon owner. She has also done a lot of celebrity hair styles. And we are going to be showing you step by step how to get the some of the most on-trend hair dos out there today.

    First, I will discuss what the holiday hair trends are, such braids, updos and changing texture. I will be sharing tips from the celebrities as well as what products you can used to achieve the look yourself? And next SherriJesse will demonstrate how to create a special occasion look taking it from day to night? And then Sherriwill demonstrate how to create a simple updo, have you looking great for your special occasion? And finally we will discuss how to incorporate various accessories into your holiday hair? Now you don't even need that much to get started. Just a few essential hair items. Sherriwill go in to detail with the specific tools you will need to create each look. We are going to be using hot curling irons and blow dryers. So make a sure that when they are not in use, that you store them properly, turn them off and keep them out of the way of children.

    Well, before we begin, let me tell you little bit about of myself, Sherri Jesse and the RUSK product line. I am a mother to three, a very busy working mom. And I know how much all of us still want to have great style, and we want our hair to be cared for even though, we have a very little time in our days. And also having covered the red carpet for thirteen years now, I have been up close and personal to all the biggest celebrities out there and you wonder how they get that great, gorgeous, shiny hair on the red carpet? I can tell you a secret behind that as well.

    Sherri Jesse has styled my hair for many events. She has devoted herself to educating and inspiring the other stylists as part of the RUSK creative team. In addition to being the owner of Sherri's Hair Salon for twenty plus years, she's had the privilege of working with many top New York models and having her hair and make up work published in magazines internationally. One of the things that I love the most about RUSK is that it is a full product line. They have everything from shampoos and conditioners to styling products and tools. So you know what, whether you have long hair or short hair, it is time to get you ready for your holiday party. Stay tuned.