Holiday Ideas For Seniors With Diminished Senses

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care provides some gift ideas for seniors living with diminished senses.

    Mary Alexander: Hi! I'm Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care, and today I'm talking about ways that you can make the holidays more enjoyable for seniors who may have lost the ability to see, hear, touch, smell, or taste. The effects of aging can wreak havoc on a person senses. Diane K. Hendricks a social worker from the Home Instead center for successful aging says, there are ways to help your senior enjoy the season by helping them to rely on other senses. If your senior loved one suffers from vision loss, an afternoon of music could be the antidote to missing the sights of the season. Play holiday songs and ask your senior to sing along, or tap or sway in rhythm. You might also ask, about his or her favorite holiday memory. Such as, tell me about the decorations you had when growing up? Or did you ever ride in a horse-drawn sleigh? Seniors who are hard of hearing can still enjoy the sights of the twinkling holiday lights, and the smells of the goodies baking.

    Make gingersnaps and let your loved one smell the wonderful aroma, feel the texture of the cookies, and taste the delicious flavor. Older adults who can no longer smell may want to tune into the sights of the season. Special craft day when you can take last year's holiday cards and convert them to holiday ornaments. You can help create lasting memories by writing who sent the card and the year on the back of the ornament.

    If your senior loved one has lost his or her sense of touch, he or she may make up the loss by taping into the aromas of the season. For instance, purchase holiday potpourri; available at most craft stores. Seniors who have lost their sense of taste can relive their memories of favorite dishes by creating a recipe book to share with younger family members and friends. Copy and mouth favorite holiday recipes and you'll have a wonderful holiday gift that will be enjoyed for generations.

    With a little creativity, your senior loved one can experience the sensations of the holiday's season.