Holiday Packages – Military Mailing Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dolores Killette, Vice President and Consumer Advocate at the United States Postal Service demonstrates how to properly pack and ship holiday gifts including military mailing tips.

    Dolores Killette: Hi, I am Dolores Killette from the United States Postal Service and I am showing you how to properly pack and ship holiday gifts. Right now, I want to share some military mailing tips with you.

    Our troops look forward to receiving letters and packages from home. So it's very important that their packages arrive to the right person at the right place. The postal service will process more than 20 million pounds of mail to military installations around the world including war zones, Iraq and Afghanistan. The postal service has created a Special Mailing and Shipping Kit designed specially for military families. Each care kit contains Priority Mail boxes, labels, and tape. You can call 1800-610-8734 and ask about the care kit. Use the service member's full name and rank, mail must be addressed to someone specifically, include the unit, and the APO, or FPO address with the nine digit zip code, include a return address. Print on only one side with the recipient's name in the lower right portion. The postal service now offers a larger Priority Mail Flat Rate Box and offers a $2 discount, if it's going to a military destination. At nearly 800 cubic inches, this box is almost 50% larger than any of the flat rate box. Our new figure box gives customers more room to send more cheer to troops overseas.

    So that's how you address your items on to troops overseas. Next, I would like to share with the different options you have with shipping packages.