Holiday Packages – What Not to Ship

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dolores Killette, Vice President and Consumer Advocate at the United States Postal Service demonstrates how to properly pack and ship holiday gifts including an overview of what not to ship.

    Delores Killette: Hi, I am Delores Killette with the United States Postal Service and I am here to share with you how to pack and ship your holiday gifts. I would like to share right now with you something that are not okay to ship.

    In general, you should not ship anything that's harmful to people, equipment, or other mail. This includes anything that's potentially flammable, explosive, or toxic. Now pets are excellent holiday gift but please don't send your puppy or your hamster through the mail unless it's this little puppy.

    Also, alcoholic beverages including wine cannot be mailed. However, fruit cakes can be mailed. So make sure you send your favorite fruit cake and you send a express mail and you send it in the box, you write perishable on the box.

    Now if you aren't sure of what can or cannot be shipped, you can go online to usps.

    com or you can call 1-800-ASK-USPS to get in for more information on what can or cannot be shipped.

    So those were some tips on what not to ship. Next we are going to start packing a gift.