Holiday Party Appetizers – Boursin Bruschetta

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Marie Guaragna-Beirne demonstrates how to make Boursin Bruschetta.

    Hi, my name is Marie Guaragna with MGB special events in Arlington, Virginia. Today, I am showing you how to make some quick and easy holiday appetizers for your next holiday party. Right now, I am going to show you how to make a really unique bruschetta and it s made unlike any other bruschetta that you are probably familiar with. Today, we are going to be making it with boursin and these are the ingredients that we are going to need. We are going to need a little bit of olive oil, we are going to need a baguette, it can be French, we are going to need some boursin cheese, it's garlic and herbs, we are going to need some sun-dried tomatoes and some toasted pine nuts. Then the tools that we are going to need are a lined cooking sheet, need a basting brush, just a basic kitchen knife and a pretty little serving platter to serve it on. Now, let s get started with our Boursin Bruschetta. First step is we want to toast up our baguette. Take a cookie sheet, take our basting brush and a little bit of olive oil and we are just going to very lightly give it a quick little brush just on top so that it comes out nice and toasty brown. We have got our oven pre-heated to 350 so that we will be ready to put pop them in, just can it be quick and easy about ten minutes just until they are nice pretty color and just get it all on there. This is probably one of the quickest Bruschettas that you will ever do and it s so tasty you are not going to believe it. Alright, just get that on there and we can use these ends too, that s no problem.

    Some people they call it the heel, I know my daddy used to like the heel. I am going to finish putting these on our cookie sheet, we are going to pop it in the oven for just about 10 minutes at 350 and we will be right back. We have our wonderful toasted bread, it looks beautiful. Now, you are going to see just how easy this really is. We are going to take each slice and we are going to take just a little bit of the boursin and just spread it on, just like that, get it all in there. Now, just going to take and you can just use your hands for all of this, it's easy. We are going to take just a couple of these sun-dried tomatoes just make it with maybe three, five just like that and then we are going to top it off with our toasted pine nuts. See, how pretty that is. It s going to be so delicious.

    Alright, we can just shake it, we need to stir it a little bit so you can see. We are just going to place on our holiday platter. Let s do another one. See how easy that is? Now, you can use any kind of garlic herb cheese, you can even use a Gruyre cheese. You can even use a flavored cream cheese if you don t happen to have any of this lovely Boursin around. But any of them, it s just the idea that the cheese combined with the sun-dried tomatoes and then of course, a top finished off with our wonderful nutty pine nuts. Oh, it's a great combination and it s so simple and easy. I am going to finish this up and we will be right back.

    I have gone ahead and I have assembled our wonderful Boursin Bruschetta on our very pretty holiday platter and I went ahead and I garnished it with some cranberries and some wonderful fresh mint, smells so nice and it also keeps in line with our holiday and very festive occasion. So that s it. That how you make a wonderful and easy holiday appetizer that s sure to please all of your guests. Happy holiday.