Holiday Party Champagne Punch

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Marie shows how easy it is to create champagne punch that will please any guest this holiday season.

    Hey, happy holidays. I am Marie Guaragna with MGB special events located in Arlington, Virginia. Today, I have been showing you how to make some wonderful quick and easy holiday appetizers for your next party. Now, what we are going to do now is we are going to wrap it all up and finish it up with a wonderful champagne punch and this is what you are going to need. We will need some champagne, we will need some Triple Sec and we will need some brandy. We are going to need a couple of champagne flutes because I don t want to drink alone. We need a wonderful punch bowl and a ladle to serve it with. So, let s get started. Now, I don t know about you guys but I love champagne especially around the holidays and there are a lot of excuses to join this stuff. There are so many parties and you have got between Christmas Eve and Christmas and of course, don t forget New Years Eve. Lots of wonderful reasons to use the champagne.

    Now, I certainly wouldn t go out and buy a bottle of Dom Prignon for this. You could use any kind of champagne, it doesn t have to be the most expensive, it doesn t have to be the least expensive but just something that you generally like to have. Let s see if we can get a big pop out of this, because you got to have a pop. There we go. So, now you want to wait till the last minute we are not going to use any ice in this punch. We want this very well chilled. So, we are going to just go ahead and pour that in. You don t want to take too long because once champagne has been out, it's going to lose its bubbles. So, just pour it in, there we go. Yum just going to use about a quarter cup of Triple Sec and about a quarter cup of your favorite brandy. It doesn t have to be real expensive either and we are going to take our ladle and just mix that around. Now, what I like to do also is you can pop couple of cranberries in here just to make it look more festive but what I went ahead and did today was made pretty little red bows on our champagne flutes. We are just going to just gently put that in. Some for you and some for me love the bubbly. Oh, it smells great. So, once you have got your wonderful appetizers out there nothing like finishing off with a wonderful champagne punch to toast your holiday party. So, happy holidays, enjoy.