Holiday Recipes – How to Make Sugar Cookie Dough

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nicole Ferrigno and Lizzie Evaline from Paisley Fig Pastry show you how to make sugar cookie dough.

    Hi, I am Nicole Ferrigno. I am here today with Lizzie Evaline. We are with Paisley Fig Pastry. We are showing you how to make holiday cookies. Next, we are going to show how to make Christmas tree ornament cookies.

    We are going to start with one stick of unsalted softened butter. We are going to get it mixing in a stand mixer on sort of, low medium speed. To that we are going to add one cup of granulated sugar. Once the sugar is all added, we can turn the speed on the mixer up a bit and that s going to cream for a couple of minutes, so it's nice and fluffy and pale yellow in color and it s important periodically to scrape the bowl down of its ingredients, make sure everything is incorporated. Rubber spatula is your best your best friend. Now, to this mixture we are going to add one large egg and one teaspoon of vanilla extract.

    As a general rule, it s a good idea to add eggs that are of course at the room temperature to dose like this. So, what that means is taking the eggs out of the refrigerator for a little bit, maybe a half hour before you start or you could set the eggs in bowl of warm water. It will allow them to become incorporated more easily. So, we are mixing on medium speed until the egg is fully incorporated in the butter and sugar. Then, we are going to add our dry ingredients which are two cups of all purpose flour, a quarter teaspoon of salt and a half a teaspoon of baking powder. You can go ahead and add that mixture all at once. We are mixing on low speed. We don t want to overwork the dough. So, we are mixing gently until the dough gathers into a ball. Again, we are going to scrape the bowl down. Now, once the dough is gathered mostly into a bowl as we have here, we are going to take it out of the bowl and we are going to go ahead and pack it into plastic wrap. That s gathered nicely and we are going go ahead and press it down into a disk, wrap it well and then chill it. Certainly, it will chill a lot faster if you are able to really press it out into nice, thin disk.

    Beautiful, thank you and now, we are ready to put it in the fridge to chill. So, that dough will need to chill for about an hour or so until it s nice and firm and able to be rolled out .

    Now, while we are waiting for our dough to chill, I would like to go over the next sort of, step with you. You are going to need a special ingredient for the decorating process of the sugar cookie ornaments.

    What I have here in this bowl are crushed pieces of any clear, hard candy Jolly Ranchers are good because they have a lot of color to them and you are going to go ahead and crush them up. You can do it in a food processor. I took a rolling pin and just sort of, mash them up a bit into pieces to pulverize. But, go ahead and get those ready and you will have them all set for the next step and once our dough has been chilled for about an hour, we are going to roll it out, shape it and go ahead and cut out centers and fill with our candy.