Holiday Style – Chic Outerwear

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Susan Swimmer, editor of MORE Magazine, and Kristin Rawson, Style Director from Ann Taylor show their tips of how to dress fashionably this holiday season. This video focuses on some chic outdoor options.

    Susan swimmer: Hi I am Susan swimmer, with MORE Magazine. Kristin Rawson: And I am Kristin Rawson, the style director from Ann Taylor. We are going to help you with some sheek outdoor options. Don't make staying women afterthought. Susan swimmer: Let's start with animal print. It's a big trend this season and just a pop of animal print will add our little something to your look. Maybe a clutch. Kristin Rawson: And definitely a glove. Gloves come in all options. Long or short, cashmere, sparkling Susan swimmer: We are seeing everything this season and as I always say, never leave home without a scarf. It frames your face and this season we are seeing tons of beautiful and colored scarves, just a little bit of sparkle woven in, to give you that little extra something special. But let's not forget the top coat. Kristin Rawson: There are some great colors out this season, Camel being my favorite, red, black, gray. Susan swimmer: Of course this one is a great neutral and I am telling it will look good on every single skin tone. Don't forget to button up, add all of the extras and you are ready to go.