Holiday Style – Dress Up Your Existing Wardrobe

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Susan Swimmer, editor of MORE Magazine, and Kristin Rawson, Style Director from Ann Taylor show their tips of how to dress fashionably this holiday season. This video focuses on how to dress up your existing wardrobe with some holiday favorites.

    Susan Swimmer: Hi! I am Susan Swimmer with MORE Magazine. Kristin Rawson: And I am Kristin Rawson, the Style Director for Ann Taylor. We are here today to tell you how to dress up your existing wardrobe with some holiday favorites. Susan Swimmer: It only takes a little bit to make a big impact. Let's start with hair accessories. Kristin Rawson: How gorgeous are these Feathers, sparkle, glamour, add them to any outfit. Susan Swimmer: And I think it just creates holiday hair right in a minute. Slip it on in at the end of the day and you are ready for cocktail party. Kristin Rawson: And if you are not a fan of the pump or a heel, there is a way to indulge that. It could be sparkled, it could be jeweled or here we have the gorgeous lace flat.

    Susan Swimmer: It's comfortable but it's also stylish, you will love it. How about the jewelry? I am a big fan of jewelry for the holiday season, and I believe more is more.

    Kristin Rawson: Absolutely and layers.

    Susan Swimmer: You can layer it and you can use all different kinds. Mix up medals, mix up styles, mix up lengths, it always adds a lot. Right?

    Kristin Rawson: Absolutely. Cocktail rings, bangles.

    Susan Swimmer: Fantastic! Alright, gloves. This is a big season for gloves, we are seeing them in all lengths, and they have a little something special to tell us.

    Kristin Rawson: Touch of detail, lace and jewels.

    Susan Swimmer: Wonderful! Also we love spotted shoe, animal print a little bit goes a long a way, don't over do it. A shoe, an accessory a belt, I like this one specially.

    Kristin Rawson: I like this one, this is snow leopard, it's not a traditional leopard print, but at just a touch of black and white print. Susan Swimmer: And I think the smaller spots make it an easier pattern to use.

    Kristin Rawson: Absolutely.

    Susan Swimmer: Another great holiday extra that's easy; is a clutch. Don't take your work bag into a cocktail party, it's very easy. Load this up before you go to work in the day, slip it into your work tote at night, take it out and you are ready to go. I like feathers, I like embellished, I like beading, gold, silver, it really adds a little bit of polish to any outfit. Don't you think?

    Kristin Rawson: How gorgeous is this look right now. Susan Swimmer: We love this, alright. If you really want a great way to instantly update any wardrobe, pants, a dress, a skirt, an embellished cardigan, is the way to go, and we are seeing them everywhere this season. Kristin Rawson: Belted gold or silver and bejeweled with an extra costume jewelry, we have a perfect way to update your existing wardrobe.

    Susan Swimmer: Put it over whatever you have on, and it's party time.