Holiday Style – Dressing For Different Body Types

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Susan Swimmer, editor of MORE Magazine, and Kristin Rawson, Style Director from Ann Taylor show their tips of how to dress fashionably this holiday season. This video focuses on dressing for your body type so you look the best.

    Kristin Rawson: Hi, I am Kristin Rawson, the Style Director of Ann Taylor. Susan Swimmer: And I am Susan Swimmer, an Editor with MORE Magazine. Today we are going to talk about dressing for you body type so you look the best. My first piece of advice, accentuate the best of you, camouflage the rest of you. Kristin Rawson: And just be careful with those fabrics. Fabrics that are heavy like Brocades, put them on your slimmest part of the body. Susan Swimmer: Also beware over blending. If you have got a lot of embellishment in your clothes, you may want to tone it down just a little bit in your jewellery. If you're top heavy here are my tips. First, avoid an empire waist line. It's not going to be flattering on a full bust. Also stay away from long dangling necklaces, instead load up with bracelets, you will add that sparkle but they won't be too distracting. I also love to do a plunging neckline. It gives you that little bit of "oomph" but it also flatters your shoulders. Another great idea, instead of a skirt or a dress, want to try skinny black pants, you can top it with something fabulous, a leopard top, a fabulous glass anything that frames the face. Kristin Rawson: If you are bottom heavy. Focus on the heavy fabrics on the top, like chunky sweaters, shrugs and nets. All over prints can work, especially in a pencil skirt, but just be careful that is all in the one family and the color way. This way you'll have the sleekest effect. Susan Swimmer: If you're slim, here are my tricks. Use a lot of chiffon and flowy fabrics on the bottom to balance out your top. Another great trick, if you don't have the cleavage to show it off, don't worry about it. Try framing your face with a gorgeous blast, a pop of color or a great statement necklace. Kristin Rawson: So if you're bottom heavy, slim, or top heavy, these are great tips to create a perfect holiday outfit.