Holiday Style – Go from Office Appropriate to Cocktail Ready

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Susan Swimmer, editor of MORE Magazine, and Kristin Rawson, Style Director from Ann Taylor show their tips of how to dress fashionably this holiday season. This video focuses on taking your office look and making it cocktail ready.

    Kristin Rawson: Hi! I am Kristin Rawson, the Style Director of Ann Taylor. Susan Swimmer: And I am Susan Swimmer, Editor with More Magazine. Today, we are going to talk about taking your office look and making it cocktail ready. Let's start.

    Kristin Rawson: I think a great tip is to switch out your tights, show it to work with a basic opaque tight, but then why not add a lace tight, a sparkly tight or a tight may be even with a polka dot.

    Susan Swimmer: We were seeing a lot of leg-wear this season; it's a very hot trend. I also love embellished headbands. It's so easy to update your hair in a flash with a headband with some feathers, some embellishment; it just adds a little bit of sparkle and it's easy. Kristin Rawson: A great way to add extra detail to your where-to-work outfit is to switch up your shoe. Sure, a basic, perfect pump for work is essential, but then why not add something with extra print for going out. Susan Swimmer: Animal print is a big trend this season. We are seeing a lot of it and the small leopard print is great way to use it. Also one of my favorites, an embellished clutch, we are seeing a lot of feathers, embellishment; it could be gold, silver. Leave that work toad at the door, put this inside, and you are ready for a cocktail. Lastly let's not forget about jewelry; I believe more is more.

    Kristin Rawson: Look at these gorgeous layers of jewels, switch up gold and silver and just keep layering. It's party season; have fun with it. Susan Swimmer: Bring it to work with you, stow it in your desk. When you're ready to go to the party, layer on the jewels and you sparkle fantastic.

    Last but not the least, how about adding a little bit of berry or red stain to your lips and spread some perfume; you are all ready to go.