Holiday Style – The New Colors for the Holidays

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Susan Swimmer, editor of MORE Magazine, and Kristin Rawson, Style Director from Ann Taylor show their tips of how to dress fashionably this holiday season. This video focuses on the best holiday colors that are out there.

    Kristin Rawson: Hi! I am Kristin Rawson, the Style Director of Ann Taylor. Susan Swimmer: And I am Susan Swimmer, an Editor with MORE Magazine. Today we are going to talk about the best holiday colors that are out there. Red is bold, black is basic, this season it's all about nude, sheer, beautiful feminine colors that will look great on every skin tone. I am talking Sheer Blush, Nude, Tope, Gold, Silver, you can layer them, interchange them, for the best holiday look.

    Kristin Rawson: Behind us we have a perfect example of how to mix the different color tones of the new neutrals; a pinky blouse with a metallic sweater, and a more neutral nude skirt all look so gorgeous together.

    Susan Swimmer: Ladies, don't be afraid to mix it up; all of these neutral tones go together, and layered, they are beautiful. You can put gold and silver together. You can use all these things with blush tones, add a belt, add a scarf, add some sparkle at the very end, and you are ready to go.

    Kristin Rawson: So when it comes to dressing this season, think outside the box, the new neutrals are gorgeous, soft, and feminine, and are a great way to make perfect holiday outfit.