Home Basketball System Accessories

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Michael Sweeten from Lifetime Products discusses accessories for your home basketball system.

    Michael Sweeten: Hi! I'm Michael Sweeten, Sporting Goods Product Manager for Lifetime Products. Today we've been looking at residential basketball systems and now we're going to take a look at some accessories that you may want to help enhance your home basketball experience.

    Using a ball return, allows you to spend time playing instead of chasing your ball. There are different types and varieties of ball returns, but two most common, one, simply attaches to the rim, allowing the ball to return back to the shooter. A second type, a net return, attaches to the rim or to the back of the backboard and catches errant shots as well as those made returning them back to the shooter.

    Accessories like a ball return allow a player to hone their skill and spend more time playing as opposed to chasing shots. So that about covers picking out a residential basketball system.

    So remember, when you go out to pick one for your home, be sure to consider location, the performance of your system, how it's going to be adjusted as well as any accessories you might need to enjoy your experience. Now get up, get out and have fun!