Home Basketball System Locations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Michael Sweeten from Lifetime Products discusses potential home basketball system locations.

    Michael Sweeten: Hi! I'm Michael Sweeten, Sporting Goods Product Manager for Lifetime Products. Today we're discussing residential basketball equipment.

    Right now, we're going to be looking at location. The most common location for a residential basketball system is the driveway. That makes it portable system and ideal choice. Portable systems depend on a base filled with sand or water for stability. The ideal for a driveway or a street player where portability is a must, simply assemble the system, fill the base and play it a day.

    For larger driveways or for dedicated backyard courts, an in-ground system might be a better option. In-ground systems take up less space and are more stable than portables. Choosing location for your in-ground system is going to be important. Since most systems have an overhang, you're going to want to make sure that there is enough room around the system to allow you to enjoy your time playing. Since in-ground systems require cement, you will want to allocate at least 72 hours for the cement to cure.

    If space is limited, another option is a combo. A combo system consists of a backboard and a rim only. Combos can be used with a mounting bracket against the wall or over a roof, when space is at its tightest. They can also bring new life to an old court by replacing older worn-out boards on an existing pole.

    That about covers identifying the best location for your basketball system. Up next, we're going to be looking at performance.