Home Decor – Applying the Template to the Wall

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Interior designer Kelly Daily discusses how to apply a designer template to your wall.

    Kelly Daily

    Kelly Daily is president and owner of Feather Your Nest Interior Design. Kelly has been a licensed designer for 5 years and a design consultant for 5 years prior to becoming licensed. She has experience in all facets of interior desgin from paint color selection to remodeling. Her focus is providing people with affordable design services and solutions. She lives just outside of Washington, D.C. in norhtern Virginia and works throughout northern Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

    Kelly Daily: Hi, I am Kelly, the principal owner and interior designer for the Feather Your Nest. Today, I am showing you how to create a designer look for your wall. Before this next step, you will need a few tools, a level, a bar soap or spackle, and a sponge or a magic eraser. Once you have gotten your pictures on the wall and you might have made a couple of mistakes, no big deal. You actually wouldn t even see some of them once you hang your pictures. But if you are like me, you will like everything to be done the right way.

    A simple trick for an extra hole that you don t need, especially if you are not going to see it, is to just take a bar soap, beige or white either will work fine and actually just rub it over the hole until it fills with the soap, brush it off, you would not even notice that if it was to be seen. This will actually be behind the picture, so it would not matter. But I would like to touch things up as I go along. Later on, when I remove this or if I wanted to change my wall, I would not have to worry about an extra hole glaring straight at me. Okay, the next thing is, we want to take away any scuff marks or things that marks we have made on the paint, so you can just damp your magic white eraser sponge and use mild soap and then just slightly buff over any of the black spots on the wall and they come off without damaging your paint at all. That s all it takes to repair a couple of holes and get rid of some scuff marks. What we are going to do next is to make sure that we level our pictures. You just need an everyday small level, you can get these at the hardware store.

    The way to use the level, in case, you have never used one which for me wasn t too long ago, is to place it on the object you are making sure is leveled and making sure the middle bubble is centered or if you are doing something on angle making sure that the bubble is in the middle as well. So, just go ahead and place your level on your picture, give it a second to adjust perfect and just make sure all of your pictures are leveled; there we go, perfect and that s all it takes to make sure things are straight and with very little work and effort and time you have created a designer look for your wall.