Home Decor – Creating a Designer Look for Your Wall

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Interior designer Kelly Daily discusses how to create a designer look for your wall.

    Kelly Daily

    Kelly Daily is president and owner of Feather Your Nest Interior Design. Kelly has been a licensed designer for 5 years and a design consultant for 5 years prior to becoming licensed. She has experience in all facets of interior desgin from paint color selection to remodeling. Her focus is providing people with affordable design services and solutions. She lives just outside of Washington, D.C. in norhtern Virginia and works throughout northern Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

    Kelly Daily: Hi, I am Kelly, the principal owner and interior designer for the Feather Your Nest, affordable interior design solutions. I have been doing interior design for the last several years and I have owned my own business for the past three. I love helping people make their house a home. Today, I am going to show you how to create a designer look for your wall so that you can do the same. Some of the things we will be going through are the tools you will need for the job, how to select your items, how to lay out your items, and how to go ahead and hang your nails in the wall, all important steps and we will also teach how to correct any mistakes you might make and we will get started.

    Let s go over the tools you are going to need for your project. You will need a pencil, a hammer, a level, masking tape, or painter s tape, a magic eraser or sponge, soap and of course your picture hanger. You will also need some tracing paper. You can find it at your local craft store. You can also use the vellum or even brown packaging paper. Whatever works for you and the size of project you are going to be working on.

    Let s talk about the items and where to find them? You can go out to a local home good store and certainly purchase items that you find interesting for your walls, or you might want to look around your own house. For example, I have a client who had some really unique sentimental things packed away that she didn t even think she was going to use. I went through them and we actually found several of the items were really pretty and would work well with what we had going on the room. So, we decided to use those. So, let s move on to the next step. I will show you how to layout your items and make a template for the wall.