Home Decor – Leveling the Objects on the Wall

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Interior designer Kelly Daily discusses how to hang and level objects on the wall.

    Kelly Daily

    Kelly Daily is president and owner of Feather Your Nest Interior Design. Kelly has been a licensed designer for 5 years and a design consultant for 5 years prior to becoming licensed. She has experience in all facets of interior desgin from paint color selection to remodeling. Her focus is providing people with affordable design services and solutions. She lives just outside of Washington, D.C. in norhtern Virginia and works throughout northern Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

    Kelly Daily: Hi, I am Kelly, principal owner and interior designer for the Feather Your Nest. Today, I am showing you how to create a designer look for your wall. The next step, now that we have made our holes for our picture hangers is to put our picture hangers in the wall and I want to go with a different type, you will need depending on what you are hanging. Some picture hangers like this one, for example; you can hang up to 20 pounds. You want to make sure if you are hanging anything heavy a picture or mirror that you get the picture hanger appropriate for the weight of your picture. Then I have also got a smaller picture hanger for our plate. This is of course the same style, but it is just for a small object very lightweight. Thirdly, you can use just standard nails or picture hanger nails alone depending on what you are hanging. Again, this will be for something lightweight.

    So, once you have put your picture hangers in the wall, you can place your object and make sure they are hanging properly, and just go ahead and use the different types of hangers for your different types of pictures and we are going to put our large mirror on this picture hanger hook. This mirror probably doesn t weigh 20 pounds, but it is heavier than a smaller picture. So, I use something appropriate for its weight. Once you have it on your hanger go ahead and adjust it and remember when you will disclose the perspective can be off, take a step back to make sure you picture is leveled. We will also talk more about how to make sure your picture is at level later on. Our next step will be to show you how to do that.