Home Decor – Making a Holiday Wreath from Scratch – 2

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Design Expert Jennifer Kirschnick shares her holiday wreath decorating tips.

    Jennifer Kirschnick

    Jennifer Kirschnick is the owner of an urban landscaping company located in Baltimore, MD called Baltimore Garden Company LLC. She became interested in nature while growing up on 10 acres in the country, where her parents taught her everything from how to grow vegetables to how to identify trees. She has an English degree from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC and a bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Maryland, College Park. She has been working in the landscaping industry for over 13 years.

    She has been married for two wonderful years to her husband, Jamol Khamzaev, who works in construction. They live in Baltimore with their cats Darcy, Max and Julius Caesar.

    Okay, now we have most of our greens around the frame, we have placed them in the floral foam and you may need to use this floral wire, if you have really wall pieces that are sticking out. You can either trim them back or you can just cut a little piece of wire with these wire cutters. So, you do not dull you scissors, you want to use wire cutters. Snip a little piece off and then, I guess, if you need to, you may not need, you just wire down the greens where they are sticking out too much. Then, once you have all the greens in place around the reef, then you can start adding -- we are going to start adding some fruit to make it bright and cheerful and a little bit different than what you might see around town with artificial decoration. So, what we have on here, we have an apple and then I am going to put some lemons on here, next to the apple and you just get some floral wire that you can get in any kind of craft store and it actually goes through the lemon or the apple pretty easily, you just prick it through and then you just wrap it securely, very securely. So, when a windy day comes, your fruit does not fly off.

    You just wrap it as much as you can around the foam and then I will take another piece of fruit and another wire just sometimes it is easier and sometimes it is not so easy, but this one, we are going to prick through if we can, again, watch your fingers, make sure you do not prick your fingers as you are doing this. If you have trouble getting it through I am just going to try different piece of fruit myself, see if this one goes in easier, never give up, right. Now, we are going to keep attaching it to the frame. Again, I am wrapping the wire around the middle part of the frame very securely. So, you do not have any fruit flying off of your decoration. I have finished putting the fruit around the frame and now you have your apples and your lemons and you can also add some other accent pieces or you can use some Juniper berries, they look like this, they are pretty blue berries on them. You just tuck those in the frame, we are going to attach those all around the reef, just tuck them in, you can again, I am putting the bases of them into the floral foam as we go around.

    I am putting them all around except where the lemons and apples are. Then you can also add in I would do one or the other, you do not want to have competing berries, but if you do not want to do the Juniper, then if you would rather have more red in your reef, then you can add, this is Winterberry Holly, it is a type of holly that does not have leaves and this is actually American Holly that I took all the leaves off of, because holly leaves seem to dry up quicker than any of the other greens, so I just think it looks better if you pluck the leaves off and just use the berries by themselves. Then you can tuck these in your arrangement, instead of the Juniper berries, again, if you want more red and again, when you are doing these arrangements, you might want to step back every once in a while and see what it looks like, if you need to move something or if you need to change the location of something.

    Then, once you put on some berries, then the final touch that you want to put on is a nice bow. I am going to actually move my berries down here and then I am just going to attach the bow. This is going to be the top of the reef and then I am going to just wire this around the frame of the reef. Again, really securely because if there is a windy day it can blow right off, so here is our finished reef. We have added fruit and Magnolia leaves and some holly berries to the greens in the frame. I am going to attach it to the front door with this very easy reef hanger that you can buy it at any store just about that sells holiday decorations. The next thing that we are going to show you how to do is how to make a door decoration for the top of your door, out of fruit and fresh greens.