Home Improvement – Measurement Techniques

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Licensed contractor Bill Frishman with BGB builders demonstrates some measuring techniques for installing crown molding.

    Bill Frishman

    Bill is president of BGB Builders, out of Haymarket, Virginia. BGB Builders specializes in Custom Homes, Detached Garages, Additions, Remodeling, and Commercial Projects. Since receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance in 1990, Bill has built over 250 homes and businesses in the Northern Virginia area. Some of Bill’s credentials include a Class A Contractors license, OSHA certification, and he is a Fairfax County certified land disturber. He also has extensive experience in land development, re-zoning, and bond release. BGB is fully licensed and insured. BGB Builders takes pride in building a strong foundation and quality home or business that will stand for generations to come.

    Hi, I am Bill Frishman with BGB Builders, here with my wife Jenna. Today, our project is how to install crown molding; and right now we are talking about measuring. When you are ready to measure for your crown mold, it is a good time to take a look at your layout and make sure there is nothing in your way such as an HVAC register, maybe a smoke detector, or even a light.

    Now that I look, and I have got nothing in my way, I am going to go ahead and measure. Now, the first time you cut, I recommend cutting your crown mold an eighth of an inch too big until you hone your skills, then you can cut it right on the money. So now, Jenna will hold the tape measure tight to the drywall, and I will pull the tape measure tight - and what we are looking for is this corner right here to where we are going to butt up against the other crown mold - and our measurement is 121 and a quarter, and that would be to the bottom, the shorter part of our outside corner, which would be the bottom of the crown mold.

    Coming up next in our crown molding project, we are going to talk about nailing and what you need to look for when you put your crown mold in place.