Home Improvement – Tools and Safety

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Licensed contractor Bill Frishman with BGB builders breaks down the tools you will need to install crown molding.

    Bill Frishman

    Bill is president of BGB Builders, out of Haymarket, Virginia. BGB Builders specializes in Custom Homes, Detached Garages, Additions, Remodeling, and Commercial Projects. Since receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance in 1990, Bill has built over 250 homes and businesses in the Northern Virginia area. Some of Bill’s credentials include a Class A Contractors license, OSHA certification, and he is a Fairfax County certified land disturber. He also has extensive experience in land development, re-zoning, and bond release. BGB is fully licensed and insured. BGB Builders takes pride in building a strong foundation and quality home or business that will stand for generations to come.

    Hi, I am Bill Frishman with BGB Builders. Today our project is installing crown molding and right now we are going to go over some basic safety tips. The first thing you are going to want to have are some safety goggles. Whenever you are using power tools such as the miter box and the nail gun, you are going to want to have safety goggles on to protect your eyes from any kind of danger. Some other things you want to think of, are having a clean, well-lit working environment so that you dont trip over anything when you are working.

    Now, when you are using a miter box, one of the most important things for you remember, are working with small pieces if you are in a small corner. When you are working with anything, 8 or less, you want to be extra careful, and I am going to show you what I mean. Now that I have cut this small piece -- its cut to 8 - if for any reason I get up to where I am working and this piece doesnt fit, you have to use a new piece. Dont ever try and re-cut this small piece because what will happen is, if this saw happens to pinch down on the wood, when using a long piece, your hand is going to be outside the safety area. But if you try and cut anything 8 or less, your hand is going to be so close to the saw, and take it from personal experience, if it happens to pinch the wood, it will draw your hand. If you notice, the safety harness on the saw is open when you are cutting, so if does pinch the wood, it will draw your hand into the saw. So, dont ever try and re-cut a piece that is this small, say eight inches. So, dont ever cut a piece this small or smaller.

    The nail gun that I use, I recommend not leaving the battery in when you are not using it. It installs easily, and comes out just easily. This way it wont ever accidentally go up and hit anybody or anything. Also, dont point the gun at anybody. Always point it at your working area. If you dont have a nail gun or a miter box, it is just as easy to use a coping saw such as this. You can make the same cuts you make with a miter box as well as a hammer and finish nails. Now, I recommend using at least a two and a half inch length nail when you are installing crown molding. That will make sure you can span what they call the spring line. which is the depth of the crown mold. So you can get through the crown mold and get into some solid blocking or 2 x 4s that you will nail to.

    The other things you are going to need are a construction pencil, a speed square, tape-measure, a framing square, so you can check your corners to see if they are framed properly, and a level.

    Coming up next in our crown molding project, we are going to talk about material selection as well as estimating how much material you are going to need.