Home Inspection – The Air Conditioning Unit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional home inspector Vince Clingenpeel discusses how to inspect your air conditioning unit.

    Vince Clingenpeel

    Vince Clingenpeel is the president and principle inspector of Clingenpeel Properties Inc. His father founded the company in 1954 as a masonry business. He started his career as a bricklayer, then apprenticing again to become a master carpenter and remodeling contractor. He also teaches adult education trade classes in his spare time. Vince uses his knowledge, experience and affiliation with the American Society of Home Inspectors (www.ASHI.org) to provide home inspections as well as construction and maintenance advice to homeowners and do-it-yourselfers in Northern Virginia.

    Vince Clingenpeel: I m Vince Clingenpeel, Home Inspector. We re talking about what you should expect from your inspector. Now I m around the backside of the house and I m looking at the air conditioning unit. First thing I do is look at the unit itself as I m walking to it. The cleanliness, the age, whether there is any rust, just a general, overall condition. The sticker here will tell me the size of the unit and the age of it.

    I m standing next to the gas meter and although, this is not a homeowner property and belongs to the gas company. When I look at it I notice this meter is split, which means it has a tap. There is an additional connection here that goes to a gas line. That tells me I m looking for something else. In this case, I already know it s the gas fireplace.

    Now, we re at the disconnect. This is just a quick, little inspection to check the general condition of it and see that it matches with the label on the air conditioning unit. Now that I know that it s a newer unit, many times people will put in a new unit and not change this box. Now let s go over and look at the drop line.