Home Organization – Determine your Level of Organization

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional organizer Janet Schiesl shares tips for determining your level of organization.

    Janet Schiesl

    Janet Schiesl is the owner of Basic Organization, a Professional Organizing firm. With fifteen years as a space planning expert in interior design, Janet decided to open a business that concentrated on simplifying the most important space, your home. Basic Organization was founded in 2005 with the tag line “Organize Everything – Simplify Life” which reflects the mission statement used for every client. Janet specializes in working with families and the elderly looking for better time management or wanting to downsize. She brings her experience in space planning to help improve work flow and furniture placement with in a home. Janet is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and is a committee chairperson for the Washington D.C. chapter. She has written many articles focusing on ways to improve your life. She lives and works in Northern Virginia.

    I would like to talk to you now about ways of living with people with different levels of organization. I believe everyone has a different comfort level with order, that means some people are very comfortable living in the chaos of clutter, and some are not. Im sure all of you have lived with a roommate or a sibling some time in your life that they havent had the same style as you. How did you deal with it? Its really no different living with a partner or children.

    For an example, I bet you can find which level of order you are comfortable with, with this example. Are you most comfortable with a towel bunched up on the floor, or a towel piled on the table, or a towel folded a little messy on the table, or are you most comfortable with a towel folded neatly? You probably can pick out one for yourself, and then probably a different level of order for each member of your family. So, how do deal with this? Why should you deal with this? You have to try to create some comfort and harmony in your home. The best way is to really discuss these issues, try to work out a solution, especially for the public areas of your home. Everyone should be conscious that everyone else in the family has to use the public areas; the bathrooms, and the kitchen, and the family room, but then give everyone their own space in the home too where they can be themselves, the best place is their bedrooms of course.

    The most important thing is communication. You need to work out a plan, discuss it, implement the plan, change it if you need to, and hopefully you will create some order in your home.