Home Organization – Using a Landing Pad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional organizer Janet Schiesl shares tips for using a landing pad for better organization.

    Janet Schiesl

    Janet Schiesl is the owner of Basic Organization, a Professional Organizing firm. With fifteen years as a space planning expert in interior design, Janet decided to open a business that concentrated on simplifying the most important space, your home. Basic Organization was founded in 2005 with the tag line “Organize Everything – Simplify Life” which reflects the mission statement used for every client. Janet specializes in working with families and the elderly looking for better time management or wanting to downsize. She brings her experience in space planning to help improve work flow and furniture placement with in a home. Janet is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and is a committee chairperson for the Washington D.C. chapter. She has written many articles focusing on ways to improve your life. She lives and works in Northern Virginia.

    Hi, I am Janet, I would like to talk to you about landing pad. Its good for afternoon management. What is landing pad you ask? Its the place where you can drop everything you carry into your house when you enter your home. It could be your childrens backpacks and their lunch boxes or your briefcase, but also your days mail, any shopping bags you have with groceries or anything in it, anything that you need to act on soon.

    Where do you locate a landing pad? Usually it has to be in a central location that you come to as soon as you come in your house. A lot of times its a kitchen counter like this. It also can be your kitchen table or your dining room table, sometimes even in your family room, wherever your family tends to drop their things when they come in. Look at that as an optional place for your landing pad.

    The idea for a landing pad is that you bring these things in and then you act on them some time that evening. So, this is a great place for your kids to drop their backpacks and lunch boxes, and then they know that they need to come back here to do their homework, to empty their backpacks of any papers that they dont need any longer, or any notices that you need or anything you need to sign. Then you also know that you need to clean their lunch box out. Your briefcase, in case you need to do any work that evening. Its a great place to manage your daily mail. I use box in an outboxes like this. Its very helpful because you dont have time usually when you first walk in your house at the end of your day, to pay your bills or to look through your mail, this is a great place to deposit it so that you can get to it when you have the time. Thats also a wonderful place to set magazines or any information that you want other family members to look at. This way you know that you can act on these items sometime that evening. If you find that your family is dumping things on your landing pad and they dont do anything with them, thats not really the idea of the landing pad. Its to act on these items and then put them away. So, if you find that your kitchen table is your landing pad and your family is just dumping things, its becoming clutter. A quick tip for that is set your kitchen table or your dining room table earlier in the day, and then your family is less likely to throw their stuff on top of the table.