Home Theater in a Box

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home theater expert Keith Harmon discusses how to install a home theater.


    ""00000000$h:00000:00O```000`0```0$0e"d:`e0`-D-`-`00`00000::V0000000DHi, I am Keith Harmon at Smart Wired Home and we are talking about how to install a home theatre. We have already talked about selecting some of the equipment; we are going to look at another option which is the home theatre in a box. Home theatre in a box is nice because from one stand point what it does is it allows you to buy one product that packages three things together- a DVD player, a surround sound receiver and the 5.

    1 or sometimes 7.

    1 set of speakers. So, when we look at that that seems very attractive. Many of these things are low-end, so they are inexpensive which is good but also there are some corner cutting on the quality for many of these models.

    Again, we see the one unit DVD player here, the centre channel with the five and the .

    1 for the subwoofer over here, all in one package at a lower price. Another similar option might be this pioneer, again with surround sound receiver, five set of speakers with the .

    1 subwoofer. The advantage obviously, is the cost and buying only one product you select. One of the major disadvantages is that your spend ability is limited. If and when these, the format wars between Blue-ray and HD DVD or a Playout, you are going to see that you can not upgrade. You can't go out and buy one of these players when they actually start to hit prices that you want to buy like a $100, then you want to be able to do that but you won't be able to because your system is not expandable. Another major disadvantage of these is that many of these systems that don't have inputs to be able to receive the surround sound signals from your cable box, your satellite box, your TeVo or other sources. There are a lot of different things out there and there are some high-end models for the home theatre box, like, Bose makes Bose Lifestyle System is a high-end home theatre box and it has the connections that are there. But this is just a different option to look at for getting a lot of the components that you need in one package. !

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