Home Theater Installation – Rear Projection and Flat Pannel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home theater expert Keith Harmon discusses the difference between rear projection options and flat panel options with your home theater system.

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    5 inches deep so, when we look at a typical flat panel, well, that is only four inches so that is a big difference. However, when you start to add the mount behind that, it is another four inches. So, most the time it is going to be about eight inches away from the wall. So now, you are talking about the difference eight inches and 17.

    5 inches, ten more inches you can go from a $3,000 or a $2,500, 60 inch, 70 inch rear projection. However, the 65 inch plasma is around $7,500-8000. So, big difference in price for about the same number of inches in actual viewable screen and what you are paying for is the convenience and the sleeker look of the flat panel. 2469ij'235KLQT.




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