Home Theater Installation – Speaker Placement

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home theater expert Keith Harmon discusses speaker options and where to place them in your home theater setup.


    """,k $YhH % B}d*:;0kd k $Hi, it is Keith Harmon with Smart Wired Home and we are back to talk about surround sound and how do you place your speakers to get the most out of your surround sound. So, we got three different kinds of surround sound in general that we are talking about here 5.

    1, 6.

    1 and 7.

    1. What does that mean? We got five speakers; five, six or seven sets of speakers that are placed around the room and you have the .

    1 which means the subwoofer which is usually an amplified or a passive or unamplified module that produces all of the low sounds. So, we look at where do we want to place those in the room. Well, generally in the front room we have got the centre channel- that's where most of your dialogue- you will be surprised that how much really comes out of that centre channel because most of it, most of the TV and the shows that you watch, a lot of it is dialogue and people are talking back and forth and as long as they are both on the screen, that's where the majority of the signals are going to come from. The speakers on the right and the left, of course, they are going to go on the right and left of the screen. So, that is your front three speakers and that's where the majority of the sound is going to come from. Now, we start to look at the rear of the room. We have the surround or special effects. You got a cell phone that somebody calls off the screen, a jet plane that goes overhead or the stormtroopers are chasing you from behind or whatever that special effect is, those are going to be coming from the rear speakers. So, in a 5.

    1 situation, you are going to be placing them on either side of the room, on the side wall or on the two back walls. Either one of those is an acceptable location. It gets to be what works with your dcor. The 6.

    1 would take those two side and add one in the centre and then the 7.

    1 would say, you have both the side and the rear on either side with nothing in the centre and in the back.

    Here's the catch though. Even though you look at all these things, you are still like, well, I obviously, I have to have 7.

    1. In 2007, there are virtually no signals that are coming from any DVDs or TVs that are coming out in 7.

    1. Almost everything is 5.

    1. You just do not find that. It really is not. It's a subtle difference between whether the sound is coming from right behind you or a little behind you. So, there is really not that much whichever. Now, will we see that happen in the future? I don't know, I don't have a crystal ball. But all I can tell you is that right now, you can get away with having 5.

    1 and not worry about spending the money on the two more speakers. If you have an open environment or if you can put wires behind your walls, probably worthwhile to wire up the seven speakers but maybe not purchase them yet. Have the wires in the wall so that you will be able to hook them up some day when that 7.

    1 signals become more ubiquitous and available. 8"-126CE[_-- 1458




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