Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn the benefits of homeschooling so your family can make an informed decision about your child’s education.

    Mike Smith: Hi! I am Mike Smith, President of Home School Legal Defense Association. Today, I am discussing how to get started with home-schooling for children at any age level.

    Home-schooling is a thriving education movement with well over two-million children being home-schooled today. Parents are turning to home education because it provides a safe environment where children can learn at their own pace through an individualized instruction. But many parents have questions about the how-tos of home-schooling, and this video series will help you answer these questions.

    First, we'll discuss how to start home-schooling by providing the steps most parents should consider, once they have decided a home-school.

    Next, Vicki Bentley, HSLDA's Early Years Coordinator will cover preschool through 8th grade and then Faith Berens will provide tips on working with struggling learners.

    Many families face issues regarding their child's unique way of learning. And finally, Becky Cooke, HSLDA's High School Coordinator will explain how to home-school through high School as well as how to prepare your child for college.

    Before we begin, let me tell you a little about the Home-school Legal Defense Association. We have 85,000 member families and defend your right to home-school in the courts and legislatures throughout the country.

    We also promote home-schooling and make available specialized staff to help you continue to home-school.

    So let's get started, helping you to prepare a successful home-school program.