Homestyle Deviled Eggs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video Mike Hedrick will demonstrate how to make the perfect home style deviled eggs.

    Mike Hedrick: Hey guys! Mike Hedrick, Pit Crew Barbecue. We're working on some great holiday weekend grilling. Right now, we're going to go ahead and show you how to do some Homestyle Deviled Eggs. We're going to go ahead and throw in an atomic kick to it. That's going to just give it a big punch of flavor.

    Some of the things that we're going to be using in this are going to be, some regular prepared mustard, we're going to be using some mayo, some pickle relish. We're going to be adding in some great bacon bits. We're going to add in some cheese. We're going to add in some jalapeos, and then we're going to go ahead and top it off with some salt and pepper and little of paprika to kind of get us going.

    We've gone ahead and boiled up some eggs. The way you do that is you get some of these eggs, you get them going. You don't want to get real super fresh eggs, because it'll have a hard time peeling those. So you get your eggs in the water, you get it boiling, let it boil for about three minutes, and then put the top on it and let it just sit there for about ten minutes. I'll let it sit there for few and then I go ahead and put them in the sink and cool them down. The colder that you get the egg, the more the inside will shrink down and get away from that shell and the easier it is to peel.

    Okay. Let's go ahead and start separating the yolks from the whites. You just want to get it, get you a nice sharp knife, and again, you want to be careful that you don't cut yourself. But just cool on through the egg, till where you've got it opened up. I like to just get that yolk out with one hand, go ahead and get that yolk apart of that and go ahead to start setting your whites in one area right there, so that you can go ahead and get those filled up.

    Okay. Now we have the yolks separated from the whites and what we're going to do now is add approximately two tablespoons of mayo. We're going to add about one tablespoon of prepared yellow mustard. We're going to add about one good tablespoon of some sweet pickle relish. Some people like bread and butter pickles, that's just kind of a flavor thing. I'm going to go ahead and put in a good pinch of some bacon bits. I like those, bacon kind of runs with a lot of stuff that I do.

    We're going to go ahead and put in some nice nacho cheese to give a little bit more of that atomic, just flavor enhancement, it's not going to be a lot of heat, but just a lot of flavor enhancement. Put some of the cheese in there, probably about a tablespoon, two-and-a-half tablespoon, something like that. Then we're going to add in some jalapeos. I've diced these down really thin, forks. When you do that, make sure that you have either gloves on or wash your hands and wash your hands because there's a lot of -- well, there's a lot of heat on those that can get on you.

    So I'm going to go ahead and add some of this in. I want to add probably about -- maybe a good tablespoon, something like that. Now, we're going to go ahead and use our little whisking tool, and I get those eggs broke up and they're real good. As you're doing this, you might find that it's a little drier, then you could just always a little bit more of your mayo in there. If it just seems like, it needs a little bit more of some of the mustard, you can add that. We're going to go ahead and put in some fresh cracked pepper. I like to crack the pepper fresh, I think, it just has a little bit more of a bold flavor, a little bit of salt, not a whole a lot of salt, because it's summer time and we want to make sure we're hydrated and not get too much salt.

    Once we have it like that, and you can just see, you can just see the flavors in there, it's just kicked up in an atomic way. The eggs will soften down and kind of cool off a little bit of the heat of the jalapeos, but the jalapeos will just go ahead and add just a real good bite on a hot day. So here we go, I'm going to go ahead and finish filling up the rest of these. Once we do that, to top it off at the very last bit, we're going to just add a little bit of your paprika on the top.

    That is how you do a Homestyle Deviled Egg with an Atomic Kick.