Honey Snack – Cherry Energy Bar

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mitzi Dulan, RD, demonstrates how to make a delicious, homemade energy bar, as well as highlights honey’s energy-boosting benefits.

    Mitzi Dulan: Hi! I my name is Mitzi Dulan, I am a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist for athletes throughout the country. I love to use honey for my family and the recipes at home and also to recommend to my clients. Honey is an all natural energy booster and made with one simple ingredient, honey.

    Today I am going to share with you a recipe from the National Honey Board that I hope to create, honey cherry energy bars, delicious, nutritious, boost of energy and simple to make. Here are the ingredients.

    Now we are going to make the honey cherry energy bars and they are super simple. You take one cup of whole almonds, half cup honey, six pitted dates, then half cup of dried cherries and three tablespoons of coconut.

    Now you put this at the top on the blender and you want to puree. And then sometimes you have to turn it off and go ahead and stir it around because again you are making your own home made energy bar. So put that top back on, puree a little bit more.

    Okay, and then what you want to do, take an 88 pan baking dish, you spray this with some non-stick cooking spray, take your spatula and there is still some whole almonds here and it really makes for a delicious energy bar. This can stick to the inside of your blender, so be patient. Keep getting out all the good stuff and it will be very delicious.

    When you want to spread this out take some plastic wrap and put that over your hand, so your hand doesn't get too sticky and you just flatten your energy bar all over this pan.

    Alright, these are ready to go now and all you need to do is refrigerate for about 2 hours to let them set. Alright, well I have taken these out of the refrigerator where they chilled for about 2 hours. Now I am just going to cut them up, slice these into bars, put these on the plate and there you have it. Your very own home made honey cherry energy bars. Enjoy!