Horseback Riding – How to Mount, Dismount and Lead a Horse

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Horse riding instructor Connie Christopher demonstrates how to mount, dismount and lead a horse.

    Connie Christopher

    Connie Christopher has been a riding instructor for 30 years. Graduating from Meredith Manor an acreditated Equine studies school in 1976. The facility offers public riding lessons both English and Western, Beginner through Advanced. Connie has managed the lesson program as well as coaching, training and showing. Quarter horses on the state and national level.

    Hi, I am Coney and this is Sam and Bobby and we are from Crestwood Farm and we are going to demonstrate the proper way to mount and dismount. When you first mount the horse, you want to take the reins and put the right one on the right side of his neck and the left one on the left side. You want to put the reins together and you are going to hold the reins and the horn in your left hand. We use a mounting block and we do that to help ease the pressure on the horses back. You want to check the saddle and make sure its tight before you mount. You are going to have the reins and horn in your left hand, the back of the saddle in your right hand. Put your left foot in the stirrup and pull yourself on. You swing your right leg over and sit down softly on the horses back. You are going to put your right foot in the stirrup and then adjust your feet and adjust your reins. Put in the reins in your right hand and the tail of the reins which is the end of the reins will hang there on the side of his neck, the same side that you are holding the reins with.

    To dismount after you finish riding, you are going to again put the reins and the horn in your left hand, take your right foot out of the stirrup, slide your right foot over, step down, and take your left foot out and step off the horse, holding the reins, so that you have control of him at all times. Take the reins down from the horses neck and then you are ready to leave back to the barn. Thats the proper technique for mounting and dismounting. When you lead you want to look up and watch where you are going. You want to keep your hand up about six to eight inches from the bit on the reins. The end of the reins are held in your left hand and you want to walk forward keeping the horses head even with your body. When you stop, you just pull back on the reins for the horse to stop. Thats the proper way to lead the horse.