Hot Printer Technologies

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    New Technology expert, Jody Vining, provides an overview of the latest printing technologies.

    Jody Vining: Printing is something that is not usually thought of as exciting; in fact it's been a very long time, since we have seen any new features on printers at all really. But now, in just the couple of months, we have seen some really incredible advancements.

    You now have the ability to e-mail documents directly to your printer. This printer right here, this HP Photosmart, you can e-mail a document to it. That's right it has its own e-mail address. You e-mail the document and it prints. It is wireless so you can print from your wireless phone or your tablet computer. And check this out, it has a built-in tablet right here, giving you the ability to browse the internet, to be able to browse Facebook, to able to read e-books right here on the device itself. Any pictures that you scan into the printer automatically show up in the gallery here. It's truly incredible and represents the next great leap in printing technology. So if you have been out there checking out printers recently, look for some these new features like being able to print wirelessly, e-mailing your printer and even applications for your printer itself.