Hottest Destinations For Fall Foliage

    Published: 06-16-2009
    Views: 14,653 shares the best destinations for beautiful Fall foliage around the United States.

    Amanda Lukoff: Seeing trees wrapped in a fall color is a breathtaking experience, especially if you know the top spots. At away.

    com we've selected three great destinations to see fall foliage.

    Zion National Park in Utah usually sparks images of famous rock formations. But, this park is also known regionally for its fall foliage. The leaves golden hues contrast resigns red rocks for a picture few other parks can match. Because the park encompasses a large elevation range, the period of fall color extends well into November in the low lands.

    The Blue Ridge Parkway winds 469 miles through Virginia and Western North Carolina to The Great Smoky Mountains in Eastern Tennessee. Elevations range from 650 feet to higher than 6000 feet with leaf color peaking at the higher elevations first. You will find a colorful canvas created by the deep reds, bright yellows, and vivid oranges.

    The Green Mountains in Vermont gets most of the fall foliage hype and rightfully so. Drive along the ravines or over the gaps in the mountains, and see why people drive, bus, and bike from all over to experience the brilliant colors.

    Some of Vermont's highest peaks and best hiking trails are found in the Green Mountains, Bennington, a quaint town perched on the border of Vermont and Massachusetts is the perfect launch pad for a fall color adventure.

    So, grab your map and your camera, and take a fall escape among the natural rainbows of leaves.