House Cleaning – Baseboards

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cleaning Expert Cathy Green demonstrates how to clean baseboards.

    Cathy Green: Hello! My name is Cathy Green and I am the owner of UpperCrust Maids. Today, we are talking about how to professionally clean a home and in this particular segment, we are going to concentrate on Baseboards.

    There are certain materials that you will need when you're cleaning a Baseboard, and what you use will be dependent on the condition of the baseboard. Now, as I eyeball these baseboards, they're actually pretty clean. But suppose they were dusty. What I would do if they were dusty, I would take either a vacuum cleaner or I would use a dust buster, and I would dust the vacuums first and then I would wipe them.

    If the baseboards were really, really scuffed up, I would just wash them. I would rinse inside of the water, wash them and then I would advise the homeowner to have them re-painted. Sometimes, I'll go into a home and the baseboards are just dirty. They're not scuffed up, but they are just dirty, they maybe muddy, very dusty.

    In that case, I would use what I call a processed method. I would take either toothbrush or any kind of a brush and as you can see baseboards have like little grooves in them. And I will have a bucket of water here, and I would go into the water, I would scrub it, get as much of the griming dirt off as possible.

    Then, I would perhaps take either one of these, do some more scrubbing or a rag, and I will just go into my bucket of water and wipe. But the bottomline is, you choose your materials based on the conditions of the baseboard.

    Now, this baseboard happens to be pretty clean. So you know what I would do? I would take my cotton cloth, I love vinegar water, and what I do is I will take a spray bottle, I mix it with half vinegar, half water. You can use this for almost anything, I would just spray it, and do a quick, just a quick wipe, because these are pretty clean.

    Another trick, if these baseboards were dirty, another trick is to use a degreaser, any degreaser. In my case, I happen to have this degreaser with me, but any degreaser would be fine, and I would set the baseboard first with the degreaser, and that's pretty much it.

    And so coming up in our next segment, we're going to talk about how to professionally clean a floor.