House Cleaning – Computers and Televisions

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cleaning Expert Cathy Green demonstrates how to clean computers and televisions.

    Cathy Green: Hello! My name is Cathy Green and I am the owner of UpperCrust Maids. Today we are talking about how to professionally clean a home and in this particular segment, we are going to concentrate on cleaning a television screen and a computer monitor.

    In order to clean a television screen, there are two possible things you'll need. To clean the back of the television, personally I use a vinegar water solution. I spray the vinegar water and two, a cloth and again, it's 50% water, 50% vinegar. Just spray it into the cloth, and wipe the back of the television with that.

    In terms of the monitor itself, if you don't have monitor wipes, you can just use a damp cloth and wipe the screen, but if you are fortunate enough to have wipes, I'd use the wipes.

    Televisions are famous for collecting dust, just to give you an example, I am going to run my finger across here, dust, run my finger across the screen, dust. So the first thing I'm going to do before I do anything else is just to with my cotton cloth just quickly wipe it.

    I would spray my vinegar water solution onto a cotton cloth, and I'll try at the top, wipe, and the dust comes right off, no problem. I'd then get the side, wipe the television. Because one thing about black furniture or black television, black appliances, if there's any dust on them, it will show up right away. So you want to just quickly wipe it off.

    Now, most people would never see the back, but it's good to know that it's done. And you don't want a dusty house especially if there is someone in your house who has asthma or any type of respiratory problem, the less dust, the better. As you can see, the dust came right off.

    So now that, that's done, the next thing I'm going to do since I happen to have some Monitor Wipes, I'm going to use Monitor Wipes. Otherwise, I would again have used just a damp cotton cloth, and I would have just gently wiped the monitor off. But, since I have Monitor Wipes, I can use these on the screen.

    So we're going to make sure that we start with the corners because that's where a lot of the dirt is going to collect and I'm going to wipe all four corners. That's done, and as you can see, dirt. So first we're going to go horizontal, right to left, and then vertical, make sure that you don't miss anything, very easy, dust comes right off, dirt comes right off. And that's it.

    Now we're going to talk about how to safely clean the computer monitor. When we talked about the television, we talked about the fact that it's not appropriate to clean the screen, and then walk away. You should also clean the back, so that the whole television will look good. The same thing holds true with your computer.

    If the computer base is not cleaned, there are a couple of things you can do. One of them is, you can take a white scrubby and this one is very, very gentle. You want to take a very gentle white scrubby. You can damp it a little bit, damp it just a little bit, and you want to go in there and you want to just target the areas where you see the dirt, and then you want to quickly get it back, get the water off.

    In terms of the screen, I would use my screen wipes, or my monitor wipes. I am just going to pull one or two out. And just like with the television, going vertically and horizontally, I would do that here too. Check the corners for dust, and then you want to move horizontal, wiping the monitor off, and then you want to go vertically, and that really should be all you need to do.

    You may want to look to wipe your cover, and this cover wasn't very dirty, it was okay. I will just do a quick wipe to make sure there is no dust on it, and that's it. Now, that you know how to appropriately clean your computer, in our next segment, we're going to talk about how to clean baseboard.