House Cleaning – Daily Tasks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Christine with Merry Maids teaches us how to keep your home clean. This video focuses on those tasks that need to be completed everyday or maybe every couple of days.

    Christine: Hi! I'm Christine with Merry Maids, and today I'm teaching you how to clean your home. First, let's discuss those tasks that need to be completed everyday or maybe every couple of days.

    It's important to remember to clean a little bit each day. This makes for a quicker cleaning, less time spent on the weekends, but more importantly, it keeps the dirt from building and making it more difficult to clean.

    First, straighten up. Take time to sort through your mail. Hang jackets and make sure, miscellaneous items are put away and where they belong.

    Second, vacuum high traffic areas. This keeps the dirt from traveling around the home.

    Third, clean up spills. Really, this should be done right away.

    Forth, spot-clean bathroom sinks, making sure to wipe away toothpaste and soap residue. Don't forget to wipe down the fixtures. Also, spot-clean the kitchen sink. Wipe away food residue or other stains.

    You will also want to spot-clean your kitchen walls, looking for fingerprints and splashes. Keep in mind, take an extra minute and wipe down the cabinet fronts and look for light switches.

    Lastly, you want to wipe down the shower. By keeping the shower dry, it will help board off bigger cleaning jobs like having to remove mildew and soap scum.

    These are all tasks that we should complete daily, maybe every couple of days.

    Next, we'll discuss those tasks that need to happen every week, maybe every other week.