House Cleaning – Making a Bed

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cleaning Expert Cathy Green demonstrates how to make a bed like a cleaning professional.

    Cathy Green: Hello! My name is Cathy Green, and I am the owner of UpperCrust Maids. Today, Gustavo and I are going to teach you how to professionally clean a home, and in the first segment, which is this segment, we are going to teach you how to professionally make a bed.

    The first thing you need to do when you are making a bed that's not your own personal bed is you need to put on some gloves, and the reason is simple, bodily fluids, need I say more?

    The second thing you need to do, when you are professionally making a bed, someone else's bed, not your own, is you need to take off all of the sheets. You need to take off the cover, the sheets, the pillowcases. Many people have a difficult time putting the bottom sheet on, and the reason is simple. The bottom sheet has a little crease on the side, and some people forget to search for that crease. They just start putting the sheet on.

    What you need to do in order to get the bed, the sheet on correctly, you need to first look for the side creases. You'll see little thread marks on the side. You just line them up on the four corners of the bed, and the sheet will go on perfectly; just like that. And then you are going to put a top sheet over that, fold under on the sides. Once you get your top sheet on, you then want to take either a spread or a blanket or both, but let's say that you want both. So you then put your spread on over the top sheet, fold it over at the top. You don't necessarily have to tuck that in, and then over top of that, if it's cold and you like a blanket also, you put the blanket on. Again, you don't tuck the blanket in, you sort of leave it out on the sides.

    Then, you want to take your pillow and your pillowcases, you want to put your pillowcases over the pillows. You want to make sure that the lines are in alignment with the top of the pillow, and the bottom of the pillow. You can either lay them down once you are finished or you can set them up.

    I have just shown you how to professionally make a bed, and now I am going to show you how to clean a dresser in such a way that not only is it clean, but it's polished and everything is put back neatly.