House Paint Maintenance & Care

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Painter Steve White demonstrates how to maintain and care for your paint job.

    Steve White: Hi, I am Steve White from MasterCraft Painting here in San Diego and we have just completed the painting of the exterior of this home and I just want to talk a little bit about care and maintenance. Two basic things that are going to wear our paint job down is the sun and water or moisture. You can't really do a whole lot about sun, but you can do some things to properly maintain your house and that is properly adjusting your sprinkler systems to make sure they are not constantly wetting the surface and it's going to tear it up.

    So properly adjust your sprinklers and then annually, you just want to wash or rinse the house down and just keep an eye on the wood for signs of where you know cracking in the paint film and that's a good indication that it might be time to for a freshen up coat and we actually offer service where every two years or after two years we will come out and do an inspection and if we notice anything like that we can do a quick coat before it gets out of hand, before the prep gets too expensive, just to maintain the home.