How A Smart Home Works

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Hubbard from the Consumer Electronics Association describes what a smart home is and how it works.

    Laura Hubbard: Today's smart homes offer more customization option than traditional homes. You may have heard of the term, but do you know what a smart home is and how it works? A smart home is a home that connects all the other electronics devices and automation systems to create on controller network that provides users with greater convenience, security entertainment and energy savings.

    Lighting, security systems, locks, thermostats, televisions, loudspeakers, laptops and smart phones can all be connected to one network in a smart home. Think of all the electronics you use in a daily basis. When connected to your computer, you can download, access, share and store digital files in one location. This is similar to how a smart home and connected devices work.

    First, a computer, hard drive or even the cloud access the network hub. The centralized location enables you to easily access, store and share files from all network devices when you need to enable the network to electronics to share information.

    Essentially, anything that uses electricity can be connected to the home network wired or wirelessly. Structured wiring is the communication pathway within a smart home. It allows the information to flow quickly and reliably to and from electronics, the internet, routers and wireless components around the house.

    Lastly, smart home technology must be program to work together, so that you can control the systems via remote control, touchpad, smart phone or a computer. The goal of a smart home is to create one network for all of your home electronics to work for you. A Custom Systems Integrator can help guide you through these steps to create your dream smart home.