How About a Healthy Pizza?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Scottish researchers have a new recipe for healthier pizza.

    Scottish researchers looked at how they could make pizza just a little healthier.  After testing 25 margerita pizzas for their nutritional content, the team found they just didn’t cut it as a balanced meal.  So they modified a modern pizza recipe by reducing the amount of salt, which is an additive to preserve the shelf-life, and added whole-wheat flour, a small amount of Scottish seaweed for flavor, vitamin B12, fiber, iron, Vitamin A and iodine, and red peppers for taste and vitamin C.  They balanced out the cheese to bread ratio to the correct carb-fat-protein proportions.  And what are the critics saying? Or well test subjects in this case.  Not bad!  Researchers said there’s “really no reason why pizza and other ready meals shouldn’t be nutritionally balanced!”