How are relationships like flying?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses her relationship flight school, including how relationships are like flying.

    Speaker: How are relationships like flying?

    Gloria Macdonald: I think most of us will think we are reasonable, rational people and if I said to you we are going to get in the plane right now, a two sitter plane and you are going to fly it and you have never had a flying lesson in your life, you would not do it; you just would not do it; you will be scared to death and if one out of every two planes crashed, well, that will be suicidal and again we would not do that, it just would not be rational; it would not be reasonable and yet one out of every two marriage ends in divorce and what are we doing about that. A recent study showed that people who stay married have 75% greater wealth than people who go through divorce and divorce wreaks havoc on people emotionally, financially; it wreaks havoc on children and yet, really, what we are doing about it. We really need to learn how to do relationships just like we need to learn how to fly. You would not get in the plane with someone who did not have a pilot's license. So why do we get into relationships when we do not have a relationship license?