How can competitive cyclists improve their performance?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Jay Dicharry, director of the SPEED Performance Clinic and the Motion Analysis Lab Coordinator at the University of Virginia Health System, discusses how competitive cyclists can improve their performance.

    Host: How can competitive cyclists improve their performance?

    Jay Dicharry: The single biggest thing competitive cyclist can do to improve performance is being consistent, listen to your body and follow organized training plan. It's important to realize that we have the certain physiological factors that will benefit as we train and they take time to progress.

    Keeping a consistent open mind with regard to these goals really helps us motivate to continue our training. On the bio-mechanical side, constant training and single leg pedaling drills real allows us to target our faults at the paddle cycle and a more efficient way to put our power down to the pavement.

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